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Viking Yachts Joins as Platinum Level Sponsor

We are incredibly excited to announce Viking Yachts as the newest partner of the Rutgers University Solar Car team, as the largest in-kind sponsor of our team!

The Viking Yacht Company has been a world leader in semi-custom fiberglass yachts for the past 5 decades, building a dominant multinational corporation highly regarded across the seven seas and continents. Through acquisitions and perpetual innovation, they have revolutionized yachts and boatbuilding, all while based here in our home state of New Jersey.

When it comes to composite research and development in particular, Viking has redrawn the boundaries of what engineers thought possible, and they have lent their unrivaled expertise in this domain in helping our team to design and manufacture composite components for our solar car.

Viking 5-Axis CNC shaping the canopy mold

With the new roll cage exceeding the size of our current cockpit canopy, our aerodynamics and composite engineers, with the assistance of Viking engineers and machinists, designed and refined a new canopy to accommodate our new size requirements, which was then created using their 5-Axis CNC. This new design centered around driver safety and aerodynamic efficiency will be instrumental to racing in the American Solar Challenge, where we will compete in a track and cross-country race between Independence, Missouri and Boise, Idaho.

RU Solar team members alongside the Viking Yachts engineers and machinists when picking up the mold

In the coming weeks, aerodynamics and composite engineers will start preparing the mold for layups and subsequently use fiberglass and Nomex material to create the final canopy.

We look forward to all that we will be able to achieve thanks to the invaluable assistance and in-kind material donations of Viking Yachts!

The mold alongside team members in our workspace

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