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TeamGantt Joins as a Gold Sponsor!

We are incredibly excited to announce that TeamGantt, a premier project scheduling software, has become our newest Gold Sponsor!

As a large team we have struggled in the past to organize all of our tasks and make sure that they get accomplished on time. We tried everything from large scrum boards in our workspace filled with post-it notes, to group messaging apps and long email chains. However, while each method had its advantages, we just couldn’t find a one-stop-shop system that would keep track of all our projects, discussions, and other resources while still being accessible from anywhere.

Thanks to TeamGantt, we will now be able to do all of those things on their powerful platform. The easily customizable timelines, which have the added feature of comparing the actual and planned projection, will help our team become more efficient and avoid any confusion between different sub-teams about what is being worked on and by whom. The file storage will also help keep all of our important documents, from structural models of our solar car to the templates our marketing team uses, all in one place accessible from anywhere.

TeamGantt added that they are "Thrilled to help support students who are growing, learning and pushing themselves technically, while working to advance solar technology." We can't thank them enough for this generous donation, and look forward to taking full advantage of this amazing platform on our path to the Formula Sun Grand Prix in Austin, Texas this summer!

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