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Our Team

Our team is comprised of Rutgers students from a wide variety of majors with a common goal of competing at the American Solar Challenge.

All majors are welcome and no experience is required!

Be ready to challenge yourself and grow together with the team!

The Subteams

Aerodynamics & Composites Subteam

The Aerodynamics and Composites team is responsible for designing and manufacturing the exterior aerobody of the car. Our focus is to make a lightweight aerobody for the car. To do that, we use composites, a mix of materials, to make the aerobody light and strong, which leads to improved performance.

Business Subteam

The Business & Operations sub-team is responsible for all logistical and outreach work. We focus on all non-engineering tasks so the engineering team can build a car, from transporting the car to races and outreach events at schools, to lodging and promotional material. Our journey is only possible with the support of our sponsors.

Electrical Subteam

The Electrical Engineers will handle everything from the solar array to the telemetry systems and everything in between. We need to have electrical systems and components to run our solar-electric vehicle. We work on the design, installation and wiring of those systems to ensure the car can properly start and operate. 

Mechanical Subteam

The Mechanical Engineering sub-team is responsible for the chassis, suspension, and mechanical controls of the car. We design the chassis of the car which provides a strong structure and mounting points for the car. To ensure the safety of the driver and the reliable control of the car, we need to run countless simulations.

Meet The RU Solar Lead!

Ahmed Fouad
Cy Westbrook
Project Manager
President & High Voltage Lead
P1000438 (1).JPG
Anushka Joshi
Business Lead
Gordon Lin
Business Lead
Alex Lee
Saahir Syed
Vice President & Composites Lead
Anthony Zappone
Low Voltage Lead
Eryn Cohn
Solar Lead
Daniel Chen
Telemetry Lead
Brian Jin
Mechanical Lead
Kelly Vazlima
Aerodynamics Lead
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