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What is Solar Racing?

Since 1987, the American Solar Challenge has hosted college teams in a race of strategy, endurance, and cutting edge engineering. Participants must design and build a solar-electric vehicle that is powered entirely by solar cells embedded on the vehicle. The endurance race covers 1,700+ miles over several days in a Tour de France style multi-stage race. 

“Solar car team’s technologies are often ahead of their time in term of looking at next best generation of batteries, best solar panels, best motors and converters, things like that."

— J.B. Straubel, Co-Founder Tesla Motors

However, the competition embodies a greater objective than engineering prowess; it represents the awesome power and applicability of solar energy. Educating people about sustainable energy is revolutionizing our daily lives, and how it will be integrated in the years to come with cars and other modes of transport, is the cornerstone of our team’s mission.

What is Solar Racing?
Our Leaders

Meet The RU Solar Team!

Our team is composed of Rutgers students from a wide variety of majors with a common goal and passion for the club.

Sri Leela Sattenapalli

Project Manager

Brian Ciepiela

President and Business Co-Lead

Andrew Xie
Bhavesh Narala
Rosetta Cicero

Treasurer and Business  Co-Lead

Lincoln Roth

Mechanical Lead

Rohan Gorajia

Webmaster and Solar Array Electronics Lead

Electrical Lead

Daniel Chen

Telemetry Lead

Reid Captain

Controls Electronics Lead

Aerodynamics and Composites Lead

Jeremy Francoeur

EGC Representative and Battery Lead

Ahmed Fouad

High Voltage Electronics Lead

Isa Aykit

Mechanical Co-Lead

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